Don't believe it

Iditarod Fitness - Friday, September 21, 2018

Don’t believe it

We’ve got to warn you, there are myths still going around about strength training.

The truth is that strength training is one of the absolute best things you can do for your health, longevity and not to mention, appearance! 

If you’ve fallen for these 5 myths then you’re missing out on tremendous potential results.

It’s a Myth…that Muscle Turns Into Fat

Why would anyone want to build muscle if it could morph into fat after a span of disuse? Rest assured that this is a myth of the highest order.

Muscle tissue is muscle tissue. Fat tissue is fat tissue. One will never become the other.

It’s a Myth…that Strength Training Doesn’t Burn Fat

On the contrary, muscle mass is your number one ally against fat gains.

A pound of muscle burns 10-20 calories each day, while you’re just living and breathing. Regular strength training helps you increase your muscle mass as well as preserve existing muscle mass, turning you into a fat burning machine.

Do you know how much muscle you have? Take the InBody​ body composition test. The test takes 30 seconds. You'll stand on a machine that looks like a fancy scale with handles. Among other things​, it will tell you if you have a sufficient amount of muscle in you body. See a Stone's staff member about signing up to use the InBody analyzer.  

It’s a Myth…that Lifting Weights Makes Women Bulk Up

Yes, strength training increases the amount of muscle on your body; so many women take this to mean that their body will become body-builder-esque, which isn't quite the look you’re going for.

The truth is that the female body simply doesn’t contain high enough levels of testosterone to produce that level of results without a very focused and dedicated effort.

The tighter, toned figure of a recreational female weight lifter is every bit feminine.

It’s a Myth…that Strength Training Is For Young People Only

Ha, that’s a used-up excuse that senior citizens across the globe have shattered.

Assuming that your doctor has given you the OK, you have much to gain from a regular weight lifting routine.

Improved balance and coordination, better strength and flexibility, and a decreased risk of osteoporosis are only the beginning.

It’s a Myth…that Light Weights and High Reps Tone Best

This myth, popularized in the 90’s, that very high repetitions (20+) of very light weights would result in a toned physique, has become outdated. These high repetitions will increase your muscular endurance but will not add strength or tone.

We now know that in order to truly challenge your muscles, heavier weights with lower repetitions are a must. Start with an 8-10 repetition range and push your muscles with each set. 

Including strength training as a part of your fitness routine is essential for achieving a fit and toned body.

A custom-made fitness program will remove all of the guesswork for you. We know what works, and we make it our mission to see you reach your goals.

Call or email today and we’ll get you started on the program that’s best for you.



The Many Forms of Strength Training

Resistance training is no longer limited to dumbbells and barbells. Each of the following are ways to challenge your body with resistance:

  • Kettle bells
  • Medicine Balls
  • Exercise Bands
  • Weight Machines
  • Body Weight Training
  • Suspension Trainers (TRX)
Join us...
  • Taco Tuesday at Iditarod Fitness! Come have some free and delicious food with us. ​​Tuesday 9/18 at 6:30pm. Its free and all are welcome!
  • Aerial Yoga at Iditarod Fitness. If you haven't tried this yet then you're missing out. It's challenging and its a lot of fun! Its for all fitness levels and your first session is on us. Come try it out! 
  • Stone's Gym & Fitness Center now has a recovery room with a hydro-massage​ bed that will leave you feeling like you're floating and free of all your nagging aches and pains. Warm water jets go up and down your body giving your aching muscles the attention they need. You can do it before or after your workout. If you haven't seen the recovery room or experienced the Hydro Massage bed talk to a Stone's staff member and we'll gladly show you around!

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